Exterior Wall Paint Colour Combination

Exterior Wall Paint Colour Combination

TIPS and Ideas for which colour is the best for the exterior wall

Selecting the best exterior wall paint colour combination is difficult because the exterior wall paint colour combination gives the viewer the best impression about your home and also enhances the value of the home.

But if you want to select a home exterior wall paint colour is not an simple task a lot of aspects depending on it. 

Tips on how to choose the best exterior paint colour combinations:


Choosing most of two colour exterior home painting colours is the best choice. Then also using the same colour with different shades is the best approach. When a viewer looks your home outside is most beautiful.

2.Choice of colours:

Most of them avoiding dark and black colours. Because these colours do not look consistent appearance.

Suppose while you are using these colours to make you repaint your exterior wall paint again and again.

So, you can choose the pale shade of the dark colour and mixed with another light colour.

These combinations also give enhances your home beautiful.


If you painting your home exterior you should know the durability of the paint colour. Because exterior wall paints have the highest durability.

Satin and eggshell are the perfect exterior paint finishes because these are having higher durability and easier to clean.

4.Effect of nature:

If you finished your exterior walls, It looks beautiful and it gives more enhance to paint your exterior wall.

But, mainly some people living in hilly regions they should spend more time on choosing their exterior wall paint colour.

In hilly regions living people, Cool colours are the best colours for exterior painting walls. Because it looks more greenery on your surrounding houses.


To paint your home exterior walls, bright colours give an extra appeal to your home. Brighter colours are they can catch our attention to painting an outside wall, but less harsh on the eyes than black colour.

To paint your home exterior wall saves the house from natural elements like sun, wind, rain etc.

Colour combination for house exterior painting:

1.Smooth, chocolatey brown

2.Silky, sky blue

3.Cremas, cuddly white

4.Natural, warm green

5.Hazey, mysterious grey

6.Happy, playful yellow

7.Vibrant, brick red

8.Bold, midnight black

9.Sandy, beachy beige

10.Dark, neutral navy

Best exterior wall paint colour combination for Indian homes

1.Light Terracotta + white

2.Brick + gray

3.Warm shades of yellow

4.Orange + Grey

5.White + Blue

6.Yellow + Blue + Cream

Which paint is best for an exterior?

There are many exterior paints are available in the market. First of all, you select the right paint for your requirements.

Acrylic paints made for exterior finishing materials. These paints are long-lasting and durable. It protects from corrosion, rain and damage of water etc.

How do I choose an exterior paint colour for my house?

Choosing the right colour to paint your home is very important because we need safe,

Good-looking and life long coloured paints. Selecting the right exterior wall paint saves your time and money.

White colour paint is the most exterior paint, Because it gives more attractive and it enhances the property of house exterior.

And also uses some combinations of colours to paint your exterior wall. They are:


2.Red and green

3.Orange, brown and purple


Blue is the most popular, attractive and bright colour, it makes it look beautiful. Some people are also calling this “Hue”.

Blue and grey are the best colour combination for exterior wall paint.

In exterior walls, only recommended for a flat finish. 

Best exterior painting services for your home:

To paint your home exterior it improves homes appearances and looks beautiful.

To painting the wall from outside protects from sun, corrosion, rain and also natural incidents etc.

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