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House Cleaning Services

We have a team of professional and well trained staff who take care of your house cleaning while you spend your time in other productive works,
We deeply understand the need and requirements of our clients and then excute them before the scheduled date. Doorstep services at your flexible times. Prices vary depends on the types of services.

sofa clean

Sofa Cleaning Services

The sofa you love to relax in can easily become the cause of allergic reactions such as sneezing, eye watering, and worse.
We give the best solutions for sofa cleaning. We have to give UV treatment it kills germs.Using water-based cleaners to remove dirt-marks for cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Services

We use an effective cleaning process to clean your rugs and carpets to rid them of stains, dust and a host of bacteria and allergens that find home in your carpets.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

Have hard water stains due to the hardness of water a s result of which hard water stains from the glass as well as floor have to be removed or reduced.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Our teams are trained on the care and treatment of different materials used in home kitchens.
Kitchen cabinet polishing with wood cleaning and de-greasing solutions and wall scrubbing..

Marble Polishing Services

Marble Polishing is usually recommended on a marble or natural stone surface that is scratched, dull, or badly worn.
Depending on the condition of the stone surface and the type of finish the client requests, the service technicians determine what process to use.

Mattress Cleaning Services

An average mattress can be home to dust mites, bacteria and various other allergens.
Ultra Violet treatment to kill germs and allergens especially dust mites.
Dust Extraction using HEPA filter vacuum to remove dust and allergens.

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