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Painting contractors near me

Whenever Search the best painting contractors near me to painting colours to paint your house whether to paint the interior, exterior or both. If you want to paint your exterior house it increases house value also keeps moisture out. To paint the outside of your house it protects from natural elements like wind, corrosion, rain, damage of water etc.

How to choose the best house painting Colours for exterior home?

While choosing the best colours to paint your house. Keep some of the tips mention in given below. In exterior paints there are two types of paints are there.

  1. Oil based
  2. Latex/Acrylic

Latest paints are water- based paints, these are easily washable latex paints are most commonly used for painting the house.

  • Hardly finished paints are water based and oil based paints, these paints are regularly used by professional painters. These are also highly durable and long-lasting. If you are painting the surface of a wall using oil based paint, it should be stirred frequently. These paints are separated quickly.
  • If you are using oil-based paints, then you should using a roller or brush.
  • Latex-exterior paints are durable as oil-based paints. Purely using the latex exterior Paints the outside of your house. These latex exterior Paints are not useful for interior walls.
  • To paint the surface of exterior walls, latex paints are easy to apply on wall, it dries quickly.

These paints are protects from sunlight and also these paints are easily washable.

  • Latex paints are highest quality is acrylic latex.

If you are looking for the best house painting colours for your house, then UR Colours is a great choice for you. We are offering all kinds of exterior Paints for varied requirements. For instance, emulsions is a water-based acrylic exterior wall finish for slightly humid climate conditions. To paint the exterior of your home enhances the value of your house, and you are enjoying the extended paint life of your home. If you choose the painting contractors near me UR Colours is the right choice to paint your house.

Top colour combinations for painting the exterior of the house:

  1. Soft pink and turquoise
  2. Aquarium blue and grape
  3. Blue and yellow
  4. Orange with white
  5. Navy blue and white
  6. Grey on grey
  7. Cream and Aqua
  8. Brown and Green

Best house painting colours for interior walls:

    To painting the interior walls of your house light colours gives the better looking of your home. Cool colours are most of them preferred for bedroom and dining room. Blue and grey colours are considered as cool colours. Grey and blue are the best combination for living room. Blue colour is the top most colour of all popular Colours for designing an interior wall.

  • Dark blue bedroom walls:

Dark colours are good for bedroom walls. Some of the dark colours are:

1. Deep reds

2. Chocolate brown

3. Striking black shades

4. Charcoal greys

5. Rich Navy Blues

  • Gold accent wall:

Gold Accent walls are well in brighten industry. These are flexible colours. Red is a difficult colour to paint for a interior wall.

  • Grey bedroom walls:

A warm grey paint colour is a great choice. But these are not shine on walls.

Top 10 colour combinations for bedroom walls:

  1. Indigo and White
  2. Brown and Green
  3. Light blue and radiant yellow
  4. Shades of Grey
  5. Light brown and muted green
  6. Lime green and wisely pink
  7. Peach and white
Pastel colours for bedroom:
  1. Feminine purple
  2. Lively Blue
  3. Monochromatic look
  4. Bright yellow
  5. Robin’s Egg blue
  6. Peach living
  7. Pop of blue
  8. Warm and cool
  9. Beach-inspired
  10. Pretty in pink
  11. Purple parlor
  12. Co-ordinator Hues
  13. Dose of Pink
  14. Custom blue
  15. Daring purple
  16. Victorian cottage
  17. Touch of Aqua
  18. Chic Robin’s Egg Blue
  19. Maximalist Beauty
  20. Eclectic mix

White, Blues and Greens are brighter Colours for bedroom walls it looks better and feel bigger.

Which are the colours for the best house painting colours?

Below are some suggestions:

  • Orange, red, yellow Shades etc are mostly used for kitchen walls. Dark colours like black, blue etc  are avoiding to the paint of your kitchen room.
  • Cool colours are most preferrable for bedroom walls. Cool colours like blue and green Shades. Red is avoiding colour of bedroom wall.
  • Neutral shades are preferrable for living room. Dark colours are avoiding colours and balance other walls with neutral colours.
  • Yellow, orange, red are preferrable for study room/library room.

Choose the right colours  for your home as per vastu:

  1. Facing of your house.
  2. Placing of your rooms.
  3. Size of your house.

After checking that you can choose the right colours of your rooms.

  1. Bedroom in southwest or northwest            –  purple, yellow
  2. Kitchen in southeast                                         –  pink, green, brown
  3. Toilet in northwest                                            –  skyblue, orange and white
  4. Childrens room in northeast or northwest    –  white, orange, purple and yellow

Pooja mandir in northeast                                –  red and white.

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