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Wall Painter Near Me

Wall Painter Near Me

Best wall painter near me

Wall painter near me in Hyderabad, Painting your home it looks more beautiful.

To paint the surface of a wall painters near to our Hyderabad.

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What is the best way to paint a wall?

There are many ways to paint a wall:

procedure for re-painting:

1.surface check:

Before we start painting, first of all, we have to check the surface of a wall,

we should clear any oil stains, cracks, holes etc.

on the walls then you should clean and cover with tape or any sheets, cloth etc, to protect the wall from paint.



Sanding process used to remove imperfections on walls, ceilings, floors, furniture etc.

It removes the layer of material from the surface, either it makes them

surface smoother or sometimes to make the surface rougher.


The putty used to fill the gaps, holes, cover imperfections on the wall to makes it the smoother surface of the wall.

Putty its look like a powder, then mix with water to apply the wall.

4.Sanding after putty:

Again you have to do the sanding process after putty dries because it helps to smooth the surface of the wall.


The primer used for fresh painting of your home,

it also used to change the wall colour.

primer is not useful for

re-painting of the existing colour.


You have to do all the above steps, Go for one coat of paint, if you are not convinced the one coat then you go for another coat.

Material required for re-painting:

we advised the required material for re-painting of your home.

For example, you have painted for 2bhk flat of 1100sq.ft.

you have to do these requirements

1.Sandpaper – 2 sheets 

2.Putty – 2 kg

these are enough to fill the gaps in holes and minor cracks.

3.wall paint – 20 litre

wall paints divided into some categories are:


Distemper is available in powder form.

It consists of glue, chalk lime.

These are water-based wall paint.

Distemper mixed with

glue and water applied through brush it gives a better look.

Apply 3-4 coats on your wall to give a smooth finish.

But these paints are non-washable.

b.Tractor emulsion:

Tractor emulsion is a low segment product.

But, these are also water-based paints.

These paints are upgrade product from distemper.

Durability around 3 years.


c.Premium emulsion:

These paints are the middle segmented product.

Premium emulsion paints are costlier than tractor emulsion.


d.Royal emulsion:

These paints are a segmented product.

Royal emulsion paints are washable.

these are also water-based paints.

Durability around 5-6 years.

  1. Colour matching:

Colour matching is the most required for painting your home.

ur colours team experts give better colour combinations

to paint your walls and ceilings.

f.Enamel paint:

Enamel paints used for painting the doors, windows and balcony grills.

Enamel paint is consists of a binder, pigments, solvents, Thinner

and to measure some additives.

It is a process of applying the surface of metal and wood it gives a smoother surface.

Material required for fresh painting:

It is quite hard process when compared to re-painting of house.

Fresh painting is applicable for the constructed house, flats and

independent building.

For example,if you want paint for 2 bedroom house.

1.wall primer



which type of paint used for walls:

Acrylic paints are most of them used because,

these are water-based paints., they also washable too. Acrylic paints

are the durable, flexible and long-lasting.

Most residential walls need to be the primer. If you are not applying primer on walls it looks like streaky and dullness of a wall.

But primer made to use with Acrylic paint.

wallpapers apply on walls it looks beautiful and it enhances the value of your home. But, these are more expensive when compared

to paint.

Paints are less expensive they applied to the walls and

completing the painting process within 3-4 days.

Are you looking for the best wall painter near me?

UR colours have best wall painter near me in Hyderabad.

And also we are providing hassle-free services.

ur colours services offer fresh painting and repainting as per the customer requirements.

Fresh painting includes the process of 2 coats putty, papering(sanding), primer and 2 coats of paint painting the home.

Re-painting includes the process of 1 coat primer and 2 coats of paint.

UR colours give the best services in Hyderabad.

Similarly, We are providing many services are interior painting service, exterior painting service, wall painting service, waterproofing service, stencil design, wood and metal service etc.

Our team have 7+ years experienced are there and we are managing the entire process online, likewise,  paint selection, service booking, visit the site, quotation and payment.

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