Interior Painting Services

Interior wall texture gives an elegant and a classy look to the room which drastically transforms the ambiance of a home. Wall colors completely enhance the beauty of the interior. There are various kinds of interior textured paint such as zigzag, spiral, abstract etc.

Exterior Painting Services

The process involves rubbing the wall with sandpaper, followed by layering with putty and applying best exterior paint on the wall with a choice of flat or glossy finish paints. We provide best exterior painting in Hyderabad.


We are in Waterproofing Services for a decade, We have pioneered in this field with excellent track record with our clients. We are specialists in providing waterproofing treatment for all types of roofs viz., R.C.C, Madras terrace, Bombay terrace, A.C. Sheet roof, Zinc sheet roof, Mangalore tiled roof etc. We are also specialists in providing cement based dampproofing course using chemical injection methods for basements, and waterbound structures like water sumps, overhead water tanks, bathrooms etc.

Wallpaper Services

Wallpapers are forever trendy and do not seem to fade away any soon. Installing wallpapers to the interior walls provide a massive range of designs to choose from for a home that would reflect your personality and enhance the vibe of your home.  One can choose from a wide range of textured wallpapers among which Vinyl wallpapers, Paper wallpapers, Fabric wallpapers, flock wallpapers, Velvet wallpapers, and Metallic wallpapers, are the most cherished options. Wallpapers give a fresh and unique look to your living room, office space, kids room, kitchen area, schools, convention halls, boutiques, restaurants etc.

Royale Play Design

Royale Play is a water-based special effects paint that creates a variety of special effects on the interior walls.This product has been specifically formulated such that it is easy to apply, allows the tools to move smoothly without much effort, retaining the pattern left by the tool that created it. It provides greater open time to allow the creation of the effect

Texture Painting

We maintain 7+ years experienced super visors, we suggest you the best colour combinations to make your dream house

Stencil Painting

More up to date Wall Stencils increase an upgraded and perhaps funky influence to the wall, furniture, and just fabric material stencilling projects. URColours have much new and innovative wall stencils normally include entertainment large stencil designs for wall painting, art designs, come to maturity stencils, all over wall stencil ideas for living room, moreover periphery stencils that combine easily available combinations to contemporary home decor. Implement these modern and geometric wall stencils to bring about a fashion designed wallpaper appearance for a small fraction of the total cost!

Wood & Metal Painting

Our wood polish and metal painting service are outstanding. Teak wood or mahogany, MDF, decorative wooden piece or any wooden piece, we extend all types of wood painting right from Sheenlac french polish, PU, melamyne, Duco or regular enamel painting.
Protect steel grills, gates and roofing, by painting metals with a metal primer and metal paint. Painting metals with suitable paints enhance its aesthetic appeal and protect underneath surface from rusting away.

Kids World

Gift your kids with a Kids room design with their Favourite Theme or Character. We offer a wide range of themes to choose from. We also offer you custom deigns. Show the design that you like and our Artist will replicate that in your walls.